ultra_outliner v0.9.5b

Aims and Purposes

ultra_outliner is a software for story writers. It is aimed especially for screenwriters, but can be used as well as for outlining novels, tales and any kind of stories.

Because ultra_outliner is primary aimed for screenwriters, it contains additional tools for working with screenplay.

Primary objective of ultraoutliner is to develop story outline with extended card-based method. Secondary objective is to convert outline into screenplay. The last lifecycle stage os story, which is supported with **ultraoutliner** is to prepare screenplay version, before director reads it and collaborative work is started.

Working process

Working process with ultra_outliner can be schematically shown in the figure:

Working Process

The working on a story begins sketching first thoughts and ideas. Typically, a sketch contains individual scenes / situations which can be conveniently written in cards with ultra_outliner.

When the overall concept is clear, individual story components such as the plotlines, characters, and others can be distinguished and developed. It is not necessary to have a clear and absolute image of the whole story during this stage.

Once components are ready, it is time to combine them together and to determine outline structure, in the form of sequence of events that the audience will get (the reader). The result can be exported to a synopsis or a literary screenplay, depending on the level of detail, and authors style.

Basing on the outline you can start screenwriting. This could be done with ultra_outliner or any of your favourite screenwriting software. The export from utlra_outliner is performed with Final Draft .fdx format.

It is necessary to point out, that each step is usually repeated iteratively, and there are possible returns at any point of the story lifecycle.

Aimed users

The ultra_outliner could be used to develop the story outline. Outline (in terms of ultra_outliner) is an ordered set of events with its complex internal structure. Result outline is used in the process of story writing in the form of a screenplay or text.

The problem of story outlining is relevant for all storytellers, including screenwriters, novelists and others.

ultra_outliner uses a method based on paper cards, which can be combined in various ways across a big table. There are virtual table and virtual cards, but the rules are the same.

Most of writers ignore outlining stage and start with writing the text. If you use the same method - ultra_outliner can not help you.