ultra_outliner v0.9.5b

Working with Cards Table

This is the representation of cards pile. It is a table, that contains all the cards presented in the document across all the fields.

Main View

The cards from table can be linked to all the other editors with drag n drop.


If the card is already on the field - it will be moved under drop point. If not - it will be created here.

Cards can be imported with single click into needed editor. Just right click -> Insert card onto empty paper, then select necessary cards and click OK.

Mass Import

They will be inserted as a close to square grid.

Mass Import

Cards table allows to perform quick search by breif description and detailed description fields.

Quick Search

Cards can be created, edited or removed from the table. When you remove card from the table, it will be removed from all the other editors.


If you want to find the selected card in opened graphics editor - double click on it, or choose right click -> Find in opened editor. If card exists in opened editors, the editor will focused and centered in it.

If you click on the graphics card in any editor - it will be automatically selected in Cards Table.