ultra_outliner v0.9.5b

Basic Principles of Graphics Editors

All the graphics editors in ultra_outliner have a common base, so called "diagram editor". It supports interaction with graphics scene which contains all the graphics objects and their connections.

Graphics Editor Mechanics

In the general case a editor can be in two different state - working with elements and connecting elements. If the editor uses both modes - there is a button for switching the modes.

Adding an element

Drag'n'Drop an item from toolbar to the paper sheet and fill the element creating dialogue. Or drag'n'drop existing element from project manager tree.

Creating elements


You can select a single element, or a group.

Performing selection

Moving Elements

You can move element by one or in a group.

Moving elements

Creating Connection

Switch to connecting mode and drag'n'drop connection from source to destination item.

Creating connection

Removing Connection

To remove a connection double click on the connection segment.

Removing connection

Existing Cards Adding

It is possible to insert many cards in one click, to do this make a right-click on the sheet and select "Insert existing cards".

Inserting cards

Links Routing

Routing is performed with orthogonal principle. The mechanics is described in this paper.


Every graphics editor has the same navigation controls.


On Max OSX zooming is performed with pinch gesture on the trackpad.

In Windows zooming is performed with simply mouse wheel scrolling.



On Mac OSX scrolling is performed with two-finger scroll gesture in both horizontal and vertical directions.

In Windows scrolling is performed with panning paper with held mouse wheel.


Full extending

Selecting View->Full Extend scales the paper in the way, when all the paper is inside viewport.

Full Extending

Creating new card

With double click on a paper in empty space creating of new card is initiated.