ultra_outliner v0.9.5b

Work with Free Plot

Free plot allows to solve following problems:

  • Plot lines development
  • Character traits reveal
  • Building locations network
  • Control use of treasures

Free Plot allows to work with following entity instances:

  • Event (Card)
  • Character
  • Plot
  • Location
  • Treasure

Character Traits Reveal

According to Robert McKee Story, all the characters in the story exist to help other characters to reveal their traits, building up their dimensions. The revealing is performed through the action described in the relevant event cards.

For this purpose trait reveal connection is used. To illustrate this we take an example from Robert McKee Story. Diagram from the book is following:

McKee Diagram characters

Creating character

Adding a character

Adding Traits

The connection is created by right-clicking on the character and selecting appropriate menu action.

Adding Trait

To edit trait double-click on it.

Removal is done via the right mouse button.

Creating connection

Connection is created in the connecting mode.

Creating connection

The connection can contain as many events as necessary.

Final diagram

In the simplest case example diagram in ultra_outliner will look in the following way.

Character diagram example

Plot Lines

The plot line in terms of Free Plot is a sequence of events. In general it can be a storyline or a plot. It can be in any coordinate system of time - all features of usage are determined by the author.

Creating a Plot Head

The storyline starts with the head.

Creating plot head

Creating Plot Connection

The head begins a plot connection.

Creating plot head

Isolated views

For an independent view of the plot line, double-click on the head element of the story and the following plot will be displayed isolated.

Isolated view

Building Locations Network

Creating Locations

Creating a location

Creating Connection

Location can be connectied in connection of locates in type.

Connection location-card

With parent location connection locations can make a network.

Connection location-location

Using Treasures

Creating Treasure

Creating treasure

Building relationships

Treasure can be connected with events where they are used with locaed in connection.

Connection treasure-event