ultra_outliner v0.9.5b

Work with Outline

Outline editor is based on a graphic editor.

Create Cards

Cards can be dragged from the table, from the toolbar, or right-click on the field - Create card.

Creating Cards

Creating Groups

Groups are used to combine several cards. Typically, the group is the basis for the sequence in the screenplay.

Create Group

Creating Act Breaks

The act breaks can be inserted by dragging the button from the instruments. Act breaks are also aligned in general line. It can not break the group or card into parts.

Creating Act Break

Adding Card into Group

The group can be moved with the mouse, aligned along the center line along with other groups and cards.

Filling group

Removing Card from Group

Removing from group

Reordering General Line

All elements intersecting the central band is automatically aligned. The rest will remain untouched.

Reordering general line

Only cards that are intersecting central band on the center line are part of final outline. But you can keep the alternative close to the line right on the sheet.