ultra_outliner v0.9.5b

Template Configuration

Before you start working with cards, you should make a cards template. Templates can vary from story to story, from genre to genre and from author to author.

Template Editor

There you can create new fields, edit or remove exisiting, and change their order.

Field Types


A single text line. If the text is too long - it will either be cut off or font size will be reduced.

String field


Multiple lines of text. It will be rendered all over the unused space.

Text field


Raster image. A thumbnail is displayed in the card, and original version is be available in the the editing window.


A drop-down list with single selection. It can optionally be allowed to be empty. For example, it may be used for the purpose of control points.

Select field

By the first select-field the card color is determined.

This field can be used to determine the type of card, which typically defines whether an action or dialog. cards colored frame, depending on the type.

Also, the stpry control point can be described by select field. For example, David Trottier proposes to use 7 points: Backstory, Catalyst, Big Event, Midpoint, Crysis, Showdown and Realisation.


A checkable list of a few color elements. Selected flags will be displayed in a strip, which will be splitted to a zone for each selected option.

Flags fields

Flags are used to mark some special moment about the card. For example, for writing horror screenplay it is useful to mark 5 tropes of horror (according to Marc Blake): Unease, Dread, Disguist, Horror, Terror.


A real value field, which is rendered as a geo-style bar - from blue through green to red.

Intensity field


Simple colored strip.

Editing Template

Template is a part of document. So, create a blank document and open template editor.

For each entity (event, character, location, etc.) its own template is used.

Creating New Project

When you create new project, you can select template to use.

Новый из шаблона

They are obtained from application folder (./Content/MacOS/Resources/ on OSX), basing on extensions. Template can be "extracted" from project with Export->Template tool.

Экспорт шаблона

If you created a good template and want to include your templates into following distribution - send it to me, and I'll include it.