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Tree Structure
Put your cards on central line, union them in groups and acts and keep close alternatives you can choose.
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Better than Paper

ultra_outliner is based on concept of having paper cards across the table.
Cards can be configured, colored and customized, but paper can not. You can also set hight-visible flags in card, or add an image to a card.


Modern Technologies

ultra_outliner uses QT5 as a base for widget and graphics subsystem, which is fast, stable and portable. Rendering is accelerated with OpenGL.
Some complex operations, like relayouting cards or connections routing are performed with special graph libraries.


Different Points of View

ultra_outliner allows to look to your story from different points of view. Story is a complex structure, different view allows to solve different problems.

Develop your plots independently, intersect them and view isolated.
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Develop Complex Characters

Basing on Robert McKee Story, ultra_outliner contains a special editor for design characters with complex dimensions and take into account their relations.


Easy Plot Development

ultra_outliner allows to develop your plots by creating net over your cards. Connect cards in chains, intersect the chains and view each plot isolated. It is based on Microsoft Visio concept.


Combine Final Structure

When characters and plots are ready, combine you cards in linear order, group them into sequences and acts to produce final outline. It is based on classical screenwriters outline software like Save the Cat
Export with one click outline to text file and send it to a friend.

Develop multidimensional characters and view their relations.
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Open Format

ultra_outliner uses XML file format as a base for outline documents. It is simple, readable and open.


Color Schemes

ultra_outliner allows to use color schemes. If you do not like standard set, you can customize one for yourself.


Cross Platform

ultra_outliner is available for OS X, Windows and Linux. You can use ultra_outliner on every computer you own, no matter what operating system it uses.

Setup Card
Each card can be flexible configured and colored.
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Data Safety

With autosave option your outline will always be saved and archived into light-weight file. You also save your previous versions, which you can unpack and use any time you want.



With localisations support and UTF8 support you are free to use your native language for you outlines. Forget about encoding problems and monobyte fonts, like in Final Draft or Save the Cat.


Like Visio

Drag and Drop you cards, navigate with touch pad just like in your favourite vector editor. Use standard Ctrl+Z undoing/redoing, like anywhere else.