- Add valgrind test stage

- Add first gmock test

- Cleanup selection rect when item removed

- Move free_plot modifier API into separate class

- Restore context menu in free plotter

- Freeplot card is inserted into connection on drop


- Now groups and acts save their positions

- Act breaks and groups now are also editable

- Add buffered archive tests cleanup

- Bugfix card drops between groups and general line

- Reduced edge routing for outline_scene


- Remove leftover qt build files

- Cleanup checks

- Bugfix windows tests

- Implement cards drop to and out of groups

- Reanimate group in outline_editor

- Reanimate act-break in outline editor

- ExtendedProjectModifier is no longer used as a base

- Create missing buttons for outline editor entities creating

- close ultrablox/ultraoutliner#6 : cards on general line are connected in


- Bugfix cmake source-groups for cross-platform build

- close ultrablox/ultraoutliner#11 : rework drag-n-drop through json_mime

- Rework drag-n-drop for free_plotter

- Rework drag-n-drop for project explorer

- Restore project structure in MSVC; remove non-used sources

- close ultrablox/ultraoutliner#9 : undo enabled is updated after

- close ultrablox/ultraoutliner#10 : drag'n'drop from project explorer

- Enable parallel build for windows; Add version mismatch output to logs


- close ultrablox/ultraoutliner#7 - Click on tab-bar does not change

- Undo/redo do not crash application when not available

- Add commits information into publishing tags