Thursday, 04 May 2023 22:45:38

- Bugfix removing of proxied fields

- Bugfix mac os build

- Add select-similar action into outline editor

- Fix broken tests

- Add missing proxy template editors

- Rework proxy fiels saving/loading

- Migrate CSV to rapidcsv


Sunday, 23 April 2023 16:51:52

- Make proxy fields ignore visibility of it's parent

- Move outliner context menu into separate interface

- Move DnD content processing into separate editor

- Don't chain interaction events for selection


Saturday, 22 April 2023 10:36:24

- Add platform name into build dir

- Replace project to unique ptr in controller

- Bugfix no-scene preview heartbeat

- Bugfix adding non-existing paths for bin dirs in cmake

- Add opencv debug shared runtime path

- Bugfix linux compliation

- Fix opencv windows linking

- Move opencv static flag into platform specs

- Make opencv linking in osx release

- Add visualizer field instance visibility override

- Add selection preview support

- Add video field front preview render

- Bugfix video missing icon

- Bugfix empty block insertion

- Bugfix macos compiliation issues

- Implement proxy fields

- Reworked field instances into storing variant

- Implement basic visualizer card

- Add video field type

- Introduce cloud protocol

- Introduce outliner cloud server binary

- Introduce remote project controller

- Updated license generator image

- Add index into treatment template


Saturday, 15 October 2022 14:57:09

- Leave only meaningful part in src reference

- Add source line info into primitives

- Add pan touchpad acceleration

- Don't log autosave failure

- Add source ref to transaction info

- Make quick dialog having a parent

- Change exclusive editor modality

- Bugfix linux build

- Bugfix OSX touchpad panning

- Add source code reference to transactions

- Change modal dialog for entity editor

- Show exclusive text editor without exec()

- Add osx debug build


Thursday, 18 August 2022 14:40:50

- Add valgrind ignore

- Bugfix null parents check

- Update LTO params

- Move valgrind to scripts

- Move osx script to file

- Add library path generation to ubuntu build

- Remove build warnings

- Update ubuntu shared deps

- Add missing qt dep

- Remove some warning from win debug

- Bugfix text field cleanup

- Windows debug build builds

- Add windows debug-shared build to pipeline

- Add ubuntu release shared build

- Add offscreen ubuntu integration

- Remove unused dep

- Add missing xcb support to linux

- Make package versions per-target

- Remove multimedia ref

- Remove dependency on qtmultimedia

- Add SSL into qt

- Bugfix m1 compile option

- Bugfix pipeline

- Bugfix jobs dependencies

- Remove opensuse and ubuntu x86 builds

- Bump version

- Switch to qt-6

- Restore locale

- Bugfix apple build

- Prepare for qt-6 migration

- Improve test output

- Switch to QRegularExpression