Tuesday, 10 August 2021 11:54:33

- Remove old field instance modify primitives

- Create unified primitive for editing field instances

- Bugfix outline scene connection order test

- Don't crash on empty style nodes

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#137 Implement maximum size hint for field

- Implement field styles de/serialization

- Deprecate string style individual primitives

- Migrate card editor visibility to new style

- Remove dependency on old fields descriptor

- Implement all field prototypes through generator

- Implemend field editors for non-optional fields

- Implement field prototypes generator

- Implement generator for string field

- Merge code generation scripts

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#137 Separate field protos from styles

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#137 Add size hint field into template editor

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#135 Bugfix moving cards within group


Sunday, 11 July 2021 06:52:21

- Do rebase instead of merge when publishing to master

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#135 Adjust outling group children positions

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#134 Resurrect automatic act numbering

- Add check instead of assert on undo/redo request from GUI event loop

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#133 Added multiple mac adress into OSX

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#133 Add multi-mac interfae to linux/osx

- ultrablox/ultraoutliner#133 Match license against all network adapters