My initial aim was to proof the concept, but now I am trying to make it stable. I had to rewrite almost 70% code in order to make it testable. I tryied to leave only core functions, and it will take some time to get others back.

Help the project

If you want to make contribution to the project, here you can check how you can do it.

When are new versions published

Now for publishing new versions CI/CD is configured. That means that each change will trigger pipeline for publishing new snapshot and it is completely automated. There will be ‘freeze-points’, which will go into release. Each snapshot is available for downloading.


If you found a bug or want to request new functions, please use issue tracker instead of direct contacting me. It will guarantee, that the request will not be forgotten or lost. Issue tracker is in free access, but you need to create a gitlab account in order to create new tickets.